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Elder law is a field of legal practice that we are hearing again and again since our childhood. As we grow old, the area is only expected to get bigger. You might be wondering exactly what it is, these lawyers differ from family lawyers and what services they offer.

Defining Elder Law

It is not a simple task to spell out the specific legal areas that elder law encompasses because the area covers so many topics. Nearly any legal situation which impacts the aged falls under its jurisdiction, including Medicare, social security, estate planning, healthcare planning, wills, handicap, etc.

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The best way to describe the area is to explain that it is a practice area that addresses the particular legal needs of seniors be they financial, health care or relationship requirements.

It’s also important to note that the elder law lawyers in Orlando take a big picture view of their customers’ lives. They work closely with the seniors, themselves, along with family and loved ones to give legal recommendations and solutions that provide for a high quality of life to the seniors.

Areas Of Expertise

These lawyers help their clients plan for retirement and Long-term maintenance, protect their business and personal assets and the supply of these to heirs or heirs upon their passing, and make guardianships for both the customers’ children and/or the customers themselves.

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They can also help seniors to go through Medicare and Medicaid requirements, advocate for seniors in relation to tenant/landholder or nursing home disputes, help with tax preparation and represent them in all legal matters, including litigation.

These attorneys are specialized in protecting seniors’ rights if they have been the victim of fraud, abuse or misrepresentation. They often help their clients in locating resources such as public and private programs for seniors and help identify appropriate home care providers or nursing homes.

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