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Many people are turned off by the thought of sushi, but probably because they were served less than perfect specimens of sushi.

For anybody who's had both great and sub-par sushi, there is a constant struggle to differentiate the good restaurants from the bad.

Some folks give up, determining that there's just no good sushi in their area, but this is almost never true. If you understand the criteria, you can even find great sushi in Dallas.

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The first characteristic of a great sushi restaurant is that it specializes in sushi. Some restaurants advertise and focus on sushi, and other restaurants simply include sushi on their menu.

When sushi is not the focus, and just one of the hundreds of dishes the restaurant prepares, the quality of the sushi often suffers. A good example of this is buffets. If you've been to an Asian buffet that offers hundreds of food items, the small sushi section usually leaves much to be desired.

A great sushi restaurant, especially in a larger city, will usually be popular. A restaurant that gets very little foot traffic despite being in a busy area is usually avoided by the general public for a reason.

On the other hand, a great sushi restaurant will always be bustling, and will usually have a wait. If you'd rather not drive from restaurant to restaurant checking which has lines, you can also ask people who frequent or live in the area.

Xavier Chung