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All residents in Spain have full access to the free public Spanish healthcare system, which is quite obvious, although private insurance also is necessary in certain situations.

As per the surveys done by the experts, Spanish healthcare system is counted amongst the best around the world and is subsidized by social security payments.

This mean the huge mass of residents do not require private insurance to access Spanish healthcare.

While depending on your present conditions, few additional health insurances in Spain cover might be really mandatory, while private health insurance provides quicker medical treatment in private amenities.

This guide is specifically being written after discussing all the INS and out of the Spanish health insurance system from renowned insurance providers, Turner Insurance Company.

Who can be eligible for Spanish health insurance?

All employees and self-employed workers in Spain are obligatory to make social security contributions, which in turn makes them worthy for Spanish health cover.

The spouse and children of workers are also qualified to healthcare in Spain, on condition that they also reside in Spain.

Few additional conditions are listed below:

1. European Health Insurance Card: European residents residing in Spain on a provisional basis can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that basically enables them to obtain medical treatment at the same cost as a Spanish national.  

If they want they can even apply for private health insurance Spain later.

2. Third country nationals: Non- European nationals might have to give proof of private health insurance before being granted with a Spanish visa.

Since few non-EU nations, though, do have a contract in place with Spain so it’s vital to investigate about your privileges with the embassy in your home country prior to arrival. 

3. Students: In case of European students studying in Spain will also be covered by their EHIC throughout the completion of their education.

You can only get through more details about health insurance in Spain, before applying for it.

Note: Non-EU students might in future need a private health insurance plan prior to arrival, even though their university can provide more detail. Possibilities could prevail in any manner.

Xavier Chung