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Several manufacturers of hernia mesh have been swatted with hundreds of lawsuits and complaints made by people claiming that their hernia mesh was faulty. If you have been gone through a surgery involving hernia mesh, you must be aware of the signs and indications of failure of a hernia mesh.

Some patients who have gone through a hernia surgery felt no improvement after the surgery. In fact the condition was even worse from that before the surgery.


There are some types of mesh that are made up of materials that are not fit for a human body. You may read Hernia Mesh Lawsuit & Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit information from an authentic web source to get more details on this topic.

In addition to this, hernia mesh can be manufactured or designed with flaws that may result in medical complications. Unluckily, if a hernia mesh fails, it may cause severe and dangerous effects to the patients.

Symptoms Of Hernia Failure

If you are experiencing any of the following mentioned symptoms after a hernia surgery, you should immediately contact your doctor:

Physiomesh Hernia Mesh

  • Symptoms like that of a flu
  • Pain in joint or abdominal
  • High fever
  • Increased breathing or/and heart rate
  • Sudden decrease in bowel movements or urination
  • Tiredness

Faulty Hernia Mesh

The Food and Drug Administration has received several reports stating about the hernia mesh complications and there are several ways in which a hernia mesh can be faulty.

Faulty Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh can detach and change its position from the body. As a result it can lead to inflammatory, bowel obstructions and development of fistula. Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit was filed on the basis of this effect caused by faulty hernia mesh.

Adhesion may also occur, that means the mesh is not fully absorbed by the body which may result in pain and inflammation. Faulty Hernia mesh can also cause infections, comprising autoimmune disorders. In some cases patient even have to undergo additional surgery for removal of mesh from the body.


Xavier Chung