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One of the first things people think about before building a new timber frame home is "how much I can afford?" Many things affect the budget, including site work, design your new home, the type of wood you choose for wooden frames, window selection, and what material you choose to finish your home.

There are several large budget items that people do not normally think about when planning a new home for their wooden frames. You can also get the installation services of timber frame by navigating to

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A typical timber frame package includes the outer shell of the house (wood frame, Structural Insulated Panels, windows, doors, walls, roofs, and trim), and only one part of the house, the exterior shell. Here are some other factors that you should consider:

  • What type of heating system that I want?
  • What type of siding will we have?
  • Will there be a fireplace?
  • What type of flooring that will be used and where?
  • What kind of kitchen cabinets and appliances that I want?
  • Am I going to build a garage directly?

Next, prioritize the room according to your primary focus. For example, most of the timber frame house highlighting the great room. And, if you're an aspiring chef or plan to do a lot of entertaining, the kitchen is also a major focus.

If your budget is tight, consider a hybrid system, which combines wood framing construction conventional stick frame to another area of the house. Your builder can also recommend the equipment, flooring and finishing materials to help you stay within budget.

Xavier Chung

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