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When it comes to evolvements of countries, almost every country is competing for having better system and cultures.

Any emerged country that has gone through a massive increase in their system, has approved its organizations and companies to create better systems for identifying people.

credit card

Especially when it comes to identifying enterprises in legal and social matters.Among those emerged and well know countries beautiful Chile is said to be the most developed and wealthy country. This has become possible due to their sustained and better financial and banking system. 

Also, the security system of Chile has been developed at its peak. Chile is also facing challenges in order to enhance their system more efficiently when it comes to identifying people in commercial and legal matters.

Chile has encountered two main identification numbers for both the Chile citizens as well as immigrants who wish to move to Chile. These two main identification numbers are known as RUT and RUN that are used to identify people. Your RUT number is not just an identification number but a debit card through which you can also check your ‘account balance rut’ (‘Saldo Cuenta Rut‘ in Spanish).  RUT is basically your tax identification number while RUN is your civil register ID number.

Banco Estado cardThe main reason to identify citizens and companies is to individualize them towards the Internal Revenue Service there are other practical effects that come along with this documentation. The Chile RUT and RUN can be encountered in two main cases:

In the case of persons, The RUT and RUN identity allow each individual to identify themselves before any private or public institutions and therefore they can validly be subject of Social Security programs and exercise certain rights, as voting or even receive health assistance and education.

In the case of companies, The RUT and RUN identity document prove that they are recognized as a legal person, able to take part in different contracts or agreements between other recognized companies. Here’s a complete guide that will help you in every commercial and financial activity in Chile if you have some plans for moving to Chile.

Xavier Chung