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Medical malpractice is at full swing, people have become fearless and greedy.

No humanity, solace, understanding or empathy is left in humans.

People just want to earn money and they can do anything to do so.

In past few years end numbers of lawsuits have been filed and still it is continuing to.

One of the worst lawsuits that have been filed in recent years is DEPUY attune lawsuits.

Lawsuits for Defective DePuy Knee Replacement are being filed against the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, one of the biggest pharmaceutical giants, as they are accountable for all the mess up.

Depuy knee lawsuit

Introduction to DePuy Attune Knee System: It is a medical device designed by DEPUY Synthes to enhance the stability to the patients suffering from severe knee problems.

Regrettably, numerous patients who received the DePuy Pinnacle found their post-operative experience totally opposite.

In fact, increasing lawsuits across the country claim that the Pinnacle caused plenty of painful side effects that eventually forced them to undergo another surgery to eliminate or fix the implant.

Complications Associated With Attune Knee System, forced the patients to file depuy attune lawsuit:

• Untying or instability of the implant.
• Nerve damage.
• Heat or warmth in the knee.
• Tibial subsidence.
• Swelling around the knee joint.
• Joint pain.
• Device dislocation.
• Fracture of the femur or tibia.
• Fracture of device components.
• Necrosis (death of tissue) or soft tissue damage
• Raised levels of cobalt and chromium ions causing infection.
• Severe pain that spreads to the groin and/or back
• Damage to the bone cells or causing Osteolysis
• Fluid collections
• Pseudotumors
• Difficulty standing or walking; limited mobility
• Revision surgery (second surgery needed to correct or replace implant)
• Diminution in the range of motion
• Misalignment of implant components
• Clicking or grinding sounds when walking
• Metal shedding debris

depuy lawsuit

You can online read blogs and reviews about DePuy Attune knee replacement system to collected more related information as much as possible.

There are lots of evidences found against DePuy attune knee device, even according to the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), metal particles can cause these sever complications, since the metal parts slide against each other; and this friction is known as ARTICULATION.

Hope this article proves to be a little more help to those who are not much aware of the facts and figures.


Xavier Chung