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Data visualization is merely a tool whereby we could create visuals in a much better and more efficient way. But just using a tool isn’t sufficient; we need to learn how to use this instrument in the very best way.

Good data visualization requires plenty of our efforts. An individual may get support from Tableau consulting organizations to find the things on the right path. However, if you would like to boost your understanding of data visualization then this blog will be an excellent source of assistance for you.

Some of the fundamental principles of data visualization are mentioned as below:


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Exactly like an artist can capture the spirit of an emotion with the support of few lines, data visualization captures the spirit of information without taking a wide view. We do not need software that gives us a lot of choices after we decide we need a line chart.

We need software like Tableau that’s smart enough to understand which visualization will be appropriate and then only creates it.


We have to compare our data visualizations side by side. We can’t hold each and every facet of our visualizations in our thoughts; shift some burden of effort to your eyes.

Data Visualization

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With the support of data visualization tool such as Tableau, it has come to be really easy for us to attend the information. These tools assist our brains by inviting them to look closely at the relevant or irrelevant information. If you wish to learn Tableau, you might enroll in the Tableau training program available online.


Data visualization tools need to help us to explore the data and discover new things about it. The concentrated and exploratory study is actually important and hence we should be certain our visualization tool makes it possible for all of us.

These were a few of the fundamental principles of data visualization you have to know.

Xavier Chung