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There are many great reasons why businesses should use estimating software. Bid software (also called proposal or Quote software and logiciel de devis in the French language) helps you manage, track, report, and submit government bids for federal, state and local contracts across several service industries.

With it, you can automate the more cumbersome aspects of proposal writing while maintaining a detailed and professional-looking document.

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But with so many dozens of online bid software services available, what do you need to know to choose the right one for your business? since there is great competition in the market you can consider the following points to find the best for your personal business:

Which is the best bid software? Well, there is no certain answer to this question. It totally depends upon the needs of a particular project. According to the nature of the project, you can determine the software which offers analytics tools to help you identify the best bid opportunities for your business or product services and tools to specifically target and research your competition.

Some other common features include:

  • Centralized access to contractor and subcontractor information
  • Centralized, paperless project document and communication databases
  • A function that ensures all relevant documents and information are submitted
  • A shared calendar to organize bid due dates, project participants, and alerts

Is Bid Software is good over traditional methods of estimating?

Bid software offers many tools to estimate & evaluate your proposal. Though spreadsheets can work, they were never designed to produce accurate and competitive quotes in real time.

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Bid software is designed to minimize the amount of time your business spends keeping track of all information during the bid process, aims to eliminate all clerical errors by automating as much of the work as possible.

In an environment where time is money, you need to work hard to utilize your every minute in such a way that it can help you boost your business growth.

Since many claims to offers the best services and software, you need to strive well to compare and determine which one will suit best for your personal projects.

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Xavier Chung