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SoundLaw was founded in 2012 by Kerri T. Johnson.  She was frustrated with the economy and the legal industry.  She wanted to work somewhere where she was passionate about her work and her clients, but she found those jobs lacking.  So, upon relocation to Seattle she started her own firm.  In the early days it was a public interest law firm, taking on any case in line with its values. However, to be able to continue helping people, SoundLaw had to keep its doors open. So, it narrowed its focus and adapted its business model. Being a business attorney wasn’t the original plan, but Kerri truly cared about small businesses. She believed that collectively they better the community, thereby bettering (and maybe even changing) the world.

In 2014, Kerri was offered a new challenge, a new opportunity.  She is now working with another firm on the business of the practice of law; helping that firm grow in a changing legal environment.  At this time, SoundLaw is not accepting new clients.